It was the worst day of my life.

A freaking tornado ripped through town, decimating my apartment and the bar I work at. While I was in the shower.


Cherry on top of it all. Guess who rescues me? My best friends twin brother: AKA: The most annoying jerk ever.

Things can’t get worse, can they?

Oh yes, they can.

How about having to shack up with said bane of my existence?

Forced to see his stupidly handsome face—the one I can’t decide if I want to punch or kiss (sometimes both)—daily. Constant exposure to that panty-melting grin is bound to make any girl insane. And that mouth, imagining what those lips could do to me if they weren’t spewing the nonsense that reminds me exactly why I hate him in the first place…

In fact, the only thing more miserable than all the above is falling for the guy.

Nope, no way. Not gonna happen.

The small town of Tral Lake’s resident firefighting playboy might be everything I’ve ever wanted.

But what I want doesn’t matter.

Because Jake Moore and I go together like beer before liquor–we’re bound to make each other sicker.