Jax and I were never meant to be.

And not because he’s my brother’s best friend. Or because he’s also technically my foster brother.

No, ours is the classic small-town conundrum: one of us wants to stay and the other can’t wait to leave.

So I encouraged him to pursue his dreams, travel the world...

What I hadn’t expected was for him to never come back.

Or worse yet, for so much time to go by without a single word.

That was ten years ago now.

I grew up. Followed my own dreams of running my family’s bookstore.

My life is perfect, even with the hole Jax left in my heart.

Until an accident flips my world upside down. And, like a knight in shining armor in all the books I’ve read, he returns.

Hell-bent on fixing everything that’s broken... including us.

I’ve accepted we’d never have our happily ever after. I’ve made peace with our choices.

But it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy him while he’s here.

Just as long as I remind myself that nothing with Jax Harris can last forever