The reasons Robbie Moore is bad for me are endless.

For one, he's my boss. He's also my best friend's older brother with a refill prescription for bad moods. Oh, and did I mention he's my boss?

He's as off-limits as a person can get, and a mistake my fresh start in the small town of Tral Lake can't afford.

That doesn't stop my heart from skipping a beat every time he walks into a room. Or from us sharing too many shots of tequila one late night and ending up in bed together, caution and important latex protection thrown to the wind.


I left the next morning with more than just a hangover and massively inappropriate crush on my boss.

The result of our passion and recklessness has totally changed the game, and I don't know what to do.

Robbie and I aren't just playing with our own lives anymore.

There's a third growing inside of me, and I have to protect them no matter what.

The tricky question is...

Can I protect myself and my heart against Robbie Moore?