Mistake #1: Hitting on my best friend’s little sister.

Mistake #2: Not recognizing her.

Mistake #3: Do you know what? Never mind.

Let’s just say ever since this smoking-hot redhead walked into my bar and threw a drink in my face, I’ve been a fucking mess. That’s it. No punch line. Because my life has turned into one giant, cosmic joke.

Worst part is… it doesn’t end there.

I’ve tried to ignore her. Remind myself of all the reasons this could never happen.

But Molly Walsh has other plans, and listening to my bullshit excuses ain’t one of them.

She might only be a buck-twenty soaking wet, but she’s got this former light heavyweight champ on the ropes.

I want her and she knows it. The dangerous part is… she wants me too.

She’s twelve years younger than me.

She’s my employee.

And if her brother finds out, he’s going to kill me…

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