Do you know what makes a great Valentine’s Day? 

No, not a bunch of chocolates and flowers—those are for amateurs. 

Nope, the best way to celebrate Cupid’s piss-poor aim… is by getting dumped. 

Seriously, it’s the greatest! That way, you are freed up to go visit your favorite pub and tell good ol’ Mr. Jameson all about your boy problems. 

What I didn’t expect (you know, besides my ill-timed breakup) was a pair of panty-melting blue-green eyes strolling in and inserting themselves in the conversation. 

Eyes more intoxicating than the liquid filling my glass. 

It sure does make it a bit difficult to declare your hatred for all things male, when the alcohol isn’t the only vice loosening your inhibitions. 

Yep, I’m dizzy all right, and it’s not just ‘cause of the whiskey. 

And, by all right, what I really mean is all wrong. It’s way too fast. I seriously can’t be falling in love with this mysterious fry thief… Can I?