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Hello, my name is Frankie Page. I am a newish romance author who enjoys reading and writing a vast variety of romance genre. Anything from small town steamy romances to the dark and depraved—I love it all.

I published my first novel, Forever Moore, in December 2020. I have many works in progress, several of which I hope to publish in 2021.

I started writing when I was young as an outlet. Originally my dream was to be a screenplay writer, specifically I wanted to be the next George Romero. While I enjoy writing screenplays and working with local theaters, somewhere along the way life happened and I never fully pursued my dream. I started getting really into reading a couple of years ago. Then that spark to write happened again—this time, though, I knew I didn’t want to do screenplay work. I fell in love with the indie romance world and knew I wanted to be a part of it.

When I am not plugging away at my computer, or nose buried in a book, I enjoy lounging around the house watching movies with my alpha-hole husband, my mini-me, and our three cats.


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(Rose's Inferno Trilogy Book 2)

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Secrets—they always claim they’re for your own good. They’re not. Ignorance isn’t bliss. It’s fucking misery. Betrayal. Complete desolation…

A world that used to be a comforting shade of gray is now painted black. Rose stands on the precipice of a volcano. Constructed by secrets and lies. The truth is ready to erupt and burn everything she loves to ashes. Nowhere is safe and nothing is as it seems. Heaven and Hell are hunting for her. One seeks her death, while the other’s motives are unknown. The sole light in all this darkness is him. But they can only live in the fantasy for so long before the walls of fate crumble around them.

Desolation is book 2 of a dark paranormal romance trilogy. The story is told over all 3 books; a HEA will not happen until the final book.

Trilogy will be completed soon with planned release of part 2 in September and part 3 October.